Zinc pump ordered by Southeast Asian customers


On March 10, 2021, the customer ordered a zinc pump, and by April 29, the goods had arrived at the customer's factory smoothly. Thank you for your support and trust.

Thealuminum zinc silicon pump is designed in consideration of many factors such as high temperature and high specific gravity of aluminum zinc silicon liquid. The correct use method is the premise guarantee to ensure its long-term use. 

Because of the normal maintenance of zinc pot and the leakage of zinc pot, the aluminum zinc silicon factory has to scoop out all the liquid. 

Usually, it can only be manually scooped out from the zinc pot. If we use aluminum zinc silicon pump according to the minimum flow rate of 60 tons / hour, pumping 200 tons of aluminum zinc silicon liquid is only 3 hours, which not only greatly saves time, improves production efficiency, but also frees workers from heavy physical labor, greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, and avoids the labor shortage The harm of high temperature aluminum zinc silicon liquid to people is avoided, and the economic benefit of aluminum zinc silicon plating factory is improved.










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