Work Roller and Intermediate Roller for Southeast Asia


 At the end of February 2023, our quality inspection personnel made a special trip to the factory for dimensional inspection, flaw detection and other essential finished product quality inspection projects, to confirm the product qualified after export. Our company adheres to the attitude of excellence towards products, and strives to bring the best products and services to customers.

(Ultrasonic inspection)   

    (Neat finished work rollers and intermediate rollers)


(Professional roll packaging)

  (40GP container transport)

The roll is an important part of the rolling mill in a steel mill, which uses the pressure generated when a pair or group of rolls roll to roll the steel.



Our rolls strictly follow the production process in the figure, with high quality, good wear resistance and accident resistance, better comprehensive performance, more adequate organizational transformation, more stable stress state, good metallurgical quality, to ensure the depth of hardened layer and hardness uniformity, all kinds of rolls get customer praise.

Our company can provide differentiated products and special services for different rolling mill conditions and working conditions, covering all kinds of cold rolls, hot rolls (forging rolls, casting rolls).



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