Tension Leveler



Tension levelers are widely used for galvanizing lines, color- coating lines and recoiling lines for eliminating various three-dimensional steel strip shape defects, such as bilateral waves, unilateral waves, middle waves, two-ribwaves, warping and buckling, and potentially bad profiles.




☞ Tension leveler 


The tension levelers include dry type tension leveler and wet type tension leveler. The frame adopts whole welding structure and electric furnace annealing, and the product is processed through clamping one time, which guarantees the high stability and high precision of the frame. The tension leveler is configured with a quick open structure, and the roll cassettes are processed through precision positioning, meeting users, various using demands for strips.

The maximum operating speed of the tension leveler produced reaches 500m/min at present; the widest plate and strip of the leveler can be up to 2650mm; .the thinnest plate and strip of the leveler can be 0.06mm. The thickest plate and strip of the leveler can be up to 12mm, reaches the top level of the whole industry.




☞ Five-roll leveler


As a rough leveler, the five-roll leveler is generally used for leveling the strip head of heavy and medium plates so as to facilitate threading of the whole line




Multi-roll leveler


Multi-roll levelers are mainly used for leveling the strips of nonferrous metals, and are widely used in cut to .length line, rewinding and leveling line for copper plates, aluminium plates,molybdenum plates, titanium plates etc. In terms of the applied multi- roll leveler on the cut to length line, there does not need a tension roll in its forward and backward parts, and it has a compact structure, high rigidness, rapid roll changing, and can realize the reversible reciprocating straightening,and the straightening strip shape is fairly good, and in particular,it can meet the requirements for the glancing flatness of steel plates with relatively thin specifications and high strength. The common strip thickness is 0.3~ 10.0mm, the strip width is 550~2200mm and the speed is 20~80m/min.




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