Furnace nose body: telescopic swing function (independent high-precision action, and uncoupled); heating and insulation function.



☞ Furnace nose body


Nose body: telescopic swing function (independent high-precision telescopic, swing, left and right tilting, independent control uncoupled). Improve the control accuracy of furnace nose, make the production operation more convenient.
With the function of heating and heat preservation, the zinc ash is not easy to gather, reducing the defect of zinc ash falling.
Full three-dimensional design, avoid the interference of equipment in the tense zinc pot area.


New type slag discharge furnace nose tip


New type slag discharge furnace nose tip: effectively discharge the ash and zinc slag floating on the zinc surface in the furnace nose.
High end hot dip galvanizing line furnace nose zinc ash defects can account for up to 60-70% of the total defects of the production line. A new type of slag discharge zinc nose tip technology, which is equipped with a strong zinc pumping device and a special internal structure, can effectively discharge the zinc ash and zinc slag in the furnace nose, so as to achieve high surface quality of steel strip and meet the requirements of automobile outer plate production.



Furnace nose high temperature camera


On line monitoring of zinc ash and slag in the furnace nose, selecting the accurate swing angle of the furnace nose to prevent strip scratch and ensure that the furnace nose is in the best production state,high definition, long life, more intuitive production.
High temperature camera features of furnace nose:
    →Industrial pinhole camera, furnace nose peep window auxiliary lighting, nitrogen cooling, will not affect the imaging due to dust, the picture is clear and realistic for a long time. 
    → Using digital full HD camera system, the video storage function can be configured according to the needs of users.
    → As a comparison, the service life of other high-temperature cameras is only 1 week, and the service life of our high-temperature cameras can reach 2-3 months.




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