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☞ Horizontal Electrostatic Oiler (H.E.S.O) 

Horizontal Electrostatic Oiler (H.E.S.O) was designed for uniform and precision oiling on the surface of continuous metal strip and sheet. State-of- the-art Nozzles-atomizer techniques can charge the mist during atomization and electrostatic absorption, which making it possible to coat uniform without blocking and skipping and lowest coating weight up to 20mg/m per side by strip travel horizontally.




Infinity Model H.E.S.O 

INF Model electrostatic oiler combines two sets of oil supply systems and control systems of LUB oiler and RPS oiler on one set of oiling equipment perfectly, and was designed to satisfy the demand that one production line needs to apply multiple oils such as RP anti-rust oil and DOS food grade oil respectively to meet different process requirements.




Vertical Electrostatic Oiler 

Vertical Electrostatic Oiler(V.E.S.O) was designed to apply a very thin lubricant coating on the surfaces of electrolytic tinning, tin free steel, or aluminum coating coil as it passes through the oiler.

It is widely used in: Tinning Lines ,Chrome (Tin Free Steel) Lines ,Can Stock Aluminum Lines 




Customized Saw Blade Electrostatic Oiler

CSB Electrostatic oiler was designed to improve corrosion resistance and attractiveness of saw blades, saw bands and metal bands and capable of achieving the state that there is oil in visual check but no oil by touching and meeting the requirement that no rust is produced in salt mist test for more than 20h.




Customized Wire Rod Electrostatic Oier

CWR Electrostatic Oiler was designed for special lubricating requirements of the metal welding wires or stainless steel welding wires. 
The welding wires and welding materials are oiled only for rust prevention and lubrication and to reduce friction of the welding wires in the feeding process without increasing the smoke amount of them. For the welding wires, the special AL-503 welding wire lubricating oil should be matched; for metal wires requiring following painting process, the DOS oil can be applied.





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